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  • Milestone Tibetan Spaniels We are pleased to welcome you to our Tibetan Spaniels website and invite you to browse through our pages and photographs. Please
  • Deborah Ayer Tibetan Spaniels Breeder in VA When committing to buying a puppy, I believe it is important that you understand and trust the person
  • Breed Information Despite his name the Tibetan Spaniel is not actually related to the spaniel breeds that were bred as hunting and gun dogs. The
  • History of the Breed The origin of the Tibetan Spaniel goes far back in time -- to the Buddhist monks in Tibet, who bred them
  • Breed Standard General Appearance Should be small, active and alert. The outline should give a well balanced appearance, slightly longer in body than the height
  • Health Virtually all purebred dog breeds suffer from one or more inherited diseases. And although the Tibetan Spaniel is generally a healthy, hardy breed, they
  • Frequently Asked Questions How big will my Tibetan Spaniel be when he's fully grown? When fully grown the adult Tibetan Spaniel should weigh between 9
  • Our Dogs We would like to invite you to see some of our dogs.
  • Ch. Wassong's Foolish Pleasure of Milestone Color: Sable Date of birth: 05/14/2006 Pet name: Lucy Winners Bitch at the 2008 Tibetan Spaniel Club National Ch.
  • Ch. Milestone Everybody's Talking At Me Color: Sable Date of birth: 08/16/2009 Pet name: Kit Kat Ch. Flolin Telsomeone Ch. Toreano Teoee Skamar Toreana Khi
  • Ch. Another Milestone for Ambrier Hysam Color: Sable Date of birth: 03/08/2007 Pet name: Diddle Bug Ch. Arundina Gyalpo Khan Fin Ch. Arundina Oh So
  • GCH Ambrier's Tibroke's Beamer Ball Color: Sable Date of birth: 09/10/2009 Pet name: Beamer Co-owned with Mallory Cosby-Driskill Bred by Mallory Cosby-Driskill, Pascale and Andre
  • Tashi-Gong Hallusination Color: Sable Date of birth: 12/25/2011 Pet name: Finn We are pleased to have our Finnish import, Finn, as part of our Milestone
  • Milestone Kitsie Color: Cream Date of birth: 1/6/2013 Pet name: Kitsie Kitsie's first show Ch. Tashi-Gong Halusination Finnish CH Vanessan Numando Finnish CH Vanessan Lovejoy
  • GCH Milestone Chairman Of The Board Color: Sable Date of birth: 11/6/2011 Pet name: Frankie I only took Frankie to a few shows during the
  • GCH Nightingale Across the Universe Color: Sable Date of birth: 01/02/2013 Pet name: Cosmos Cosmos is a very special dog to me. He is co-bred
  • CH Brill Padme Celebration Vitality Color: Sable Date of birth: 03/04/2015 Pet name: Zsa Zsa I was very lucky to import such a lovely and
  • Tibetan Spaniel Puppies This page last updated: December, 2017. Tibetan Spaniel puppies from most reputable breeders will cost between $800-$1,500; sometimes a little more. Older
  • Application Form for Puppy Buyers Although we do not have many litters, we do occasionally have puppies available to suitable homes. Our primary purpose in
  • Application Form Thank you for your interest in our puppies. Please complete this form in as much detail as you can, to help us to
  • Articles A collection of articles written by us and other Tibetan Spaniel enthusiasts and dog breeders.
  • About the Tibetan Spaniel Facts and features about this charming little dog. Deborah Ayer - May 2009 Originating in palaces and monasteries in Tibet, and
  • Grooming the Tibetan Spaniel Tips and hints on grooming your Tibetan Spaniel. Deborah Ayer - May 2009 Grooming your dog is not just to keep
  • Looking For a Puppy? This article is included here courtesy of Joanna Kimball. There’s a lot of confusion about the whole “proper” way to go
  • Contact Us Deborah Ayer 5556 Merry Oaks Road The Plains, VA 20198 Tel: (540) 341-0912 E-Mail: Tiblady@gmail.com
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